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Clinic for Kids in Fukushima!

On this Saturday, October 29th, Gymrats will visit the one of the elementary schools in Soma city, Fukushima to have a basketball clinic for 80 kids.
Soma was the beautify city near by the pacific ocean and very famous for shell fish, rice and Sake.

However, this beautiful city has been totally changed since March 11th when the worst earthquake hit.

Tsunami hit the city first and after that, Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants melted down that suffered the residences in cities around Soma.

Fortunately the residences in Soma, they have not been enforced to evacuate (but a lot of people relocated due to raising concern) but their families and friends closer to the power plants have been suffered by this.
And still, radiation issues were not solved, or even it has not reached to the point where we see some solutions.

So, we wanted to do something for the people in this area and decided to contact the local basketball association in Fukushima. They really liked our idea and gave us this opportunity.

Although we are not capable to do many things for this issue in Soma, but at least we can play basketball and have a great time with kids anywhere in the world.

We will teach and coach kids how to play basketball on this weekend, but we are all sure that kids in Soma will teach us how to survive and overcome pain of life with their strong eyes.

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